Hidden House brings unique dining & event space to Downtown Chandler

The Hidden House
Photo credit: Chelsea Dygert

It is sometimes the greatest visionaries who can see something not for what it is, but for what it could be with a little love and preservation.

This was exactly the case for The Hidden House.

The home was originally built in 1939 as a quaint residential cottage on Commonwealth Avenue and remained that way through the bustling buildup of Downtown Chandler as we know it today. Seeing the potential, co-owners Gavin Jacobs of The Brickyard Downtown and Elliot Hall teamed up in 2018 to create Hidden House, an unparalleled dining and event space with an exquisite food and drink menu.  

“Gavin wanted to keep the authenticity of the home, so the overall structure and features like the ceiling are original,” said Chelsea Dygert, Marketing Director. “We then added modern touches to the color pallet, design and décor.”

Upon entering the home, guests will be greeted with a sit-down atmosphere featuring dining tables that extend to the front patio. Those looking for a more relaxed environment will feel right at home on the back patio with couches and a full-service bar housed in the original garage.

The most striking feature though is the 2200 square foot airplane-style hanger that will be used for live music, special events and meetings.

Not sure where you fit in? The answer is wherever you’re in the mood to hang out.

“Our goal is to create an exceptional experience. Hidden House has the same “come as you are” atmosphere of the Brickyard,” Dygert explained. “You can come in wearing a suit and tie or jeans and flips and still enjoy either the dining area or the back patio.”

To ensure the same quality and creativity of the Brickyard, Chef Aaron RIckel and Mixologist Michael Reagan will oversee their respective areas at Hidden House.

The restaurant will be open Tuesday – Sunday and notably boast a happy hour running from open – 6 p.m. As such, Reagan has set to work creating a drink menu that focuses on “The Classics”, – old fashions, mint juleps and more, all made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients and with his signature twist.

“The ultimate vision is to inspire people to experience something in a way they haven’t had yet. Whether it’s a girl’s night out or a romantic anniversary, there is something everyone will love.”

Hidden House will open in April, with tours and special event bookings being offered as well.

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