Downtown Banner Program

Downtown Chandler Street Lights

Special Event Banner Procedures & Application


Downtown Chandler Community Partnership (DCCP), through a partnership with the City of Chandler, manages the Downtown Chandler Street Lights Special Event Banner Procedures & Application process.  All inquiries and questions relating to this process, application or the procedures should be directed to the DCCP.  

Location and design of all temporary event banners and signage must be approved prior to installation.  The City of Chandler’s Special Events must officially approve the event.  Before banners fabrication, please review dimensions, specs and placement approval with the DCCP.  The final design must be approved by the DCCP.

Application Process

The DCCP banner approval process takes minimum of 30 days.  Please submit your banner application a minimum of 30 days prior to installation.  Special requests may be submitted at any time but are not guaranteed their request will be approved.  Additional time may be needed if banners require redesign. Any banners printed before DCCP written approval is received are printed at applicant’s risk.

Any other special requests throughout the year will be based on availability and event.   Events produced by the DCCP or the City of Chandler will have priority regarding banner placement.   No more than 2 events’ banners shall be displayed/promoted at any given time.  Priority will be based on the hierarchy in the document.   

Application Instructions (click on link for instructions) – please read regarding fees, requirements, locations, and sizing.  In addition to the application below, please email the location map and a color proof and description of the banner design to the DCCP.  Please call us with any questions at 480-855-3539.   Please view banner template for proper sizing.