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Summer Skin Secrets with Lauren Snow Beauty

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There’s no better time to chat about keeping skin healthy and looking great than the start of summer! Lauren Snow, owner of Lauren Snow Beauty (LSB) is breaking down the top summer skin secrets you need to know.

1. Choose an SPF 30 or higher

Here in Arizona, we know all too well about sun exposure! Lauren recommends choosing an SPF with 30+ coverage to help fight against UVA/UVB rays, sunspots and premature aging that can lead to skin cancer. Just be sure to reapply.

“A lot of people rely on SPF in their makeup but it’s not enough. If you are sweating or in direct sun for long periods of time, especially during peak times (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.), it’s important to reapply regularly,” she said. “I recommend mineral sunscreen because it’s free of chemicals. There is a mineral powder that you can dust on like makeup so it’s easy, breezy to reapply.”

2. Book a Maui Summer Facial

Close your eyes and imagine being on a sunny beach with a fruity drink in hand. The good news is you don’t have to book a flight to experience it. LSB offers a Maui Facial infused with pineapple enzyme to help hydrate and exfoliate skin for that summer glow.

Tip: Bring a hat to wear after your appointment to prevent sun damage on fresh skin

3. Stock up on Skin Essentials

Ice globes and a hydrating skin mist to reduce redness, puffiness at home and on the go. 

“Skin mists can be used as makeup primers or setting sprays. Ice globes can help with lymphatic drainage as you gently massage the skin,” Lauren said. “You can even keep these in the fridge at home or in a beauty fridge in your office in the summer, so you get a cooling effect.”

4. Leave on Milk Mask

Scientifically speaking, the lactic acid in milk in is an alpha-hydroxy acid that can help gently remove dead skin cells, leaving skin brighter and hydrated. Lauren suggests using an at-home mask and exfoliating once a week in summer or booking a monthly facial combined with dermaplaning for best results. 

5. Update Your Summer Routine

Whether it’s a lightweight foundation or moisturize, or embracing summer shades, Lauren suggests changing it up.

“Go for a fun popsicle-esque lip gloss shade or update your foundation shade if you’re getting a summer glow. We get so used to our everyday makeup and it’s nice to randomly treat yourself to something fun!” Lauren shared. 

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