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Top Holiday Sales Tips

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Let’s be honest. This holiday season is more challenging, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. In fact, by using the data available to us we can make wise business choices from the start to create a positive impact in the long run.

According to the 2020 Deloitte Holiday Survey, shoppers are most likely to spend money on “non-gift items” like gift cards or home decor. The second largest spending pocket was found to be traditional retail (clothing, shoes and jewelry), with buyers wanting to shop early.

A few other key findings from the survey to keep in mind:

  • Nearly 51% of holiday shoppers feel anxious about shopping in-store
  • Contactless shopping experiences are in demand with 73% planning to have items delivered 
  • 69% of shoppers prefer shopping at a store close to their home
  • 48% of shoppers prefer a store located outside of a mall
  • 43% said they prefer a local store not associated with a chain

So how can we use this data to our benefit?

  • Start pushing out holiday campaigns early and take advantage of Small Business Saturday
  • Make callouts for gift cards, free shipping and specials that can be found online and in-store
  • Stress the importance of supporting local not just for financial reasons, but because there are unique items that won’t be found in big box stores. Be sure to highlight a few examples.
  • Make your marketing dollars count. If your target audience reads the paper then considered an ad online or in print. If they avoid the paper and prefer social media, consider promoted posts and display ads using product tags and targeting for the best ROI.


  • Use your storefront to tell a creative story. Keep in mind that most people walking around the Downtown are looking to shop and dine so they’ll have more time to take in your display than someone who is driving. Use props to position and elevate key products, creating various heights.
  • Place gift cards in the storefront and at the register
  • Consider “gift worthy” section with varying price points so everyone can find something
  • Use social media and email newsletters to keep followers in the loop of new products, specials and store hours


  • Considered holiday specific menu items or speciality drinks
  • Advertise meals that can be pre-ordered for parties and holiday dinners
  • Put gift card placeholders on tables and at the hostess station
  • Advertise safety measures like social distancing, outdoor dining and sanitization measures
  • Use social media and email newsletters to keep followers in the loop of dine-in, takeout, new menu items and holiday hours

Our goal at the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership is to help you be successful. Please send us all holiday information so we can promote via our marketing channels.

Here’s to a safe and successful holiday season for all!